Rambler's Top100

Rambler's Top100

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  • Energobezopasnost' i energosberezhenie 4, 2012

    1. Laitwaite E. R., Kuznetsov S. B. (1981). Test results obtained from a brushless unity-power-factor induction machine. IEEE Transactions on Power Apparatus and Systems (6), 28892891.

    2. Ambartsumov T. G., Irtyshskiy E. B. (1985). To the question about the ability of the short-circuited engines to compensate automatically the consumption of the reactive power network. Trudy MEI, (73), 124130.

    3. Ivanov M. N. Protsessy energoobmena v dinamicheskih rezhimah raboty asinhronnykh mashin [The energy exchange processes in dynamic operation modes of asynchronous machines]. Moscow, author abstract of the dissertation of the Ph.D, 1981. 20 p.

    4. Ambartsumova T. T., Le Kuang Kyong (2012). Macromodelling of multiple asynchronous motors in the MATLAB-Simulink program. Izvestiya vysshih uchebnyh zavedenij. Elektromehanika, (1), 3742.

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