Rambler's Top100

Rambler's Top100

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  • 6, 2014

    1.Cross-industry regulations on labor protection for electrical installations. POTRM0162001, RD15334.003.15000.

    2.The rules of labor protection for electrical installations. Revised on 24 July 2013, #328n.

    3.Methodological guidelines for induced voltage detection on disconnected transmission lines near existing lines. The organization standard of FSK EES STO5694700729.240.55.0182009.

    4.MirolubovN.N.etal.Metody rascheta elektrostaticheskikh polej[Methods ofelectrostatic fields calculating], Moscow, Vysshaja shkola, 1963.

    5.The graphical preprocessor of the Electromagnetic Transients Program.Available at: www.atpdraw.net (accessed 5November 2014).

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